Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Come see some tile "paintings" of India!

I've translated several of my sketches of India to tiny tiles (2"x2"). These and others will be on view from November 11 through December 23, 2010.

The gallery is STUDIOgallery at 1815 Polk St., San Francisco.

An opening reception will be held on Nov 14 (Sunday), 2pm-6pm-- I hope I see some of you there!

And there's another (annual) Party on December 5th, 2pm-6pm, if that timing is better for you.

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shakeel said...

hi blau
this is shakeel rizvi from jagdalpur.we met during your visit to india on 19th of jan 2013.hope you rememberred me.
in the jagdalpur when you were going to orrisa,i tried to give my email add to you but some one told me not to give any add to any body.but through y our book i got it.so this is my email add
ghanasar@gmail.com and you can find me on facebook as shakeel rizvi and www.couchsurfing.org you search jagdalpur and then you find me.
hope you enjoyed your journey.your work is amazing and faceneting.god bless you.keep in touch
shakeel rizvi